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After years of working as a freelance designer and pattern cutter, Nathalie Coste decided to follow her creativity. Finding a new purpose in fashion and exploring different technics of embroidery, knitting and weaving, Nathalie takes old fabrics and textile waste to reuse them in her new collections.

Today we chat with her about her brand, influences and future dreams!

HS: What are your main influences when designing? Where are you drowning inspiration from?

NC: My main influences are coming from music and photography, and also social media. In fact, it is a mix of images with an original soundtrack that can be Eric Satie or Babes in Toyland, depending on the mood. My approach is instinctive but not intellectual.

HS: Apart from being a fashion designer, how have other forms of art shaped your identity?

NC: I love photography –  I am an iPhone photographer, so not a real analog photographer, but I really like to shoot the collection by myself-  and I could have been a very good DJ I think!

HS: Why did you take the decision to use textile waste, used clothes and old fabrics for your collections and how is this affecting your production?

NC: After years of working in fashion production I needed to re-appropriate the passion that I have for my work with conscience and rightness. Now I work within my own rhythm, on unique pieces or exclusive productions, with customers and retailers who understand and appreciate my work and approach.

HS:What are the future plans and dreams you have for your brand?

NC: My plan is to find very cool retailers in the UK  and all over the world, as well as become the stylist of the Moonlandingz.

Visit Nathalie Coste page to see the latest lookbooks! #hundredshowroom