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We caught up with our new designer CHEMA DIAZ, who recently joined our #hundredshowroomfamily and chatted with him about inspirations and new limited edition collection!

CHEMA DIAZ is a London based Fashion Designer, who is also going strong on the DJ scene. CHEMADIAZ.COM does not follow a fashion calendar, or trends and only produces limited edition runs or concept collections that “gives him life” at present. He makes sure every piece is designed, produced and hand-finished in London, to encourage sustainability and reject fast-fashion.

Today we chat with CHEMA DIAZ about his brand, inspirations and future dreams and welcome him to hundred showroom®!

HS: Hello, CHEMA! To start with, we would like to ask you what are your main influences when designing? Where are you drowning inspirations from?

CD: I always say I am a very selfish designer. I design clothes for myself, which I like to wear myself, inspired by the things I like – when it happens people like them too and wants to buy them! 😀 My top 3 inspirations are Pop Culture, Consumerism and Erotica.

HS: Apart from being a fashion designer, how have other forms of art (music, photography, etc.) shaped your identity?

CD: My brand started as a way to sell my DJ merchandising, the now iconic J’ADORE HARDCORE t-shirts. Also, 2007 has a very musical element to it, so definitely music is a big influence. My personal life is also very influenced by the Art of Fame, in a very Warholian way.

HS: Why 2007? How did this year influence your collection?

CD: 2007 was a very important year for Pop Culture and also for my personal life. Although back in 2007 I could just see how crazy the lives of The Holy Trinity (Ms Spears, Hilton and Lohan) were becoming, in front of our eyes through the glossy pages of the tabloids, it wasn’t until later when I realized how heavily it was influencing me. The most important event was when I saw Britney Spears shaving her head as a rebellious performance. This made me realise I could do whatever I wanted, I could be free.

HS: What are the future plans and dreams you have for your brand?

CD: I’m starting to work full time on my brand, so this is my biggest plan. If you let me dream, I dream of ‘financial stability’. It might sound superficial, but I just want to be able to live on this to be able to keep creating.

Thank you CHEMADIAZ.COM and welcome to the #hundredshowroom family!