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HS: What are your main influences when designing? Where are you drowning inspiration from?

AF: I take inspiration from the moment in time, I’m a visual artist and before every collection, I work on a series of paintings, monoprints, and this will be the start of the next collection. It’s all about a biographical moment’s in time, if it’s not from the heart, or true, it’s not inspiring for me. I’m really inspired by Tudor Queen Elizabeth I and also combine that with Björk and Róisín Murphy, who are two of my favorite artists. I currently live and work in my Studio in Hastings, and being here is really inspiring me at the moment, it’s an old town with loads of antique shops and seagulls on old buildings and it’s not as stressful as London can be.

HS: Apart from being a fashion designer, how have other forms of arts (music, photography, etc.) shaped your identity?

AF: Visuals pay a big part in my process, I love Photography and Visual art so much, Cindy Sherman is a big inspiration to me, and if music wasn’t around, I wouldn’t be so inspired! I always play music when I’m in the studio, and I also DJ. I cry to music often, I cried to Björk’s ‘Arisen My Senses’ just a week ago when I was visiting London, it is sound art that is touching.

HS: What were the influences behind your latest collection?
AF: AW18 LÖMUN, meaning ‘paralysis’ in Icelandic, takes inspiration from my life last year, I wasn’t in a good place and felt very restricted, and because of my stress, I often had sleep paralysis and slight breakdowns from being overworked in London. So for AW18 I painted on restrictive glitter plastic, paintings of my manic eyes wide awake, but also linked this with a granny vibe, and had my drag friends model for me, who are real people, fashion needs some REALNESS right now. I was also inspired by the idea of looking strong when really you’re a mess, it’s power of fashion, that hides emotion.

HS: What are the future plans and dreams you have for your brand?

AF: I’m soon to work on SS19 over the summer, and I’m going into a different direction, I think it’s always good to push your artistry and try something new, and embrace newness. I can’t talk too much about it, but it’s going to be a really fun showcase and a new direction for Adam Frost. I have certain people in mind I’d love to dress, that’s the dream to dress creative artists, and keep pushing my vision. SIMPLY LOVELY!

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