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HS: When did you graduate and since when have you planned to create a brand together?

ELVHEM: We both graduated in June last year and started working on ELVHEM in October 2017.

HS: Who is your brand for?

ELVHEM: We wanted to create a brand that is passionate about quality, craftsmanship and intelligent design, but still has a playful curious nature. ELVHEM’s purpose is to coherently fit to the lives of the people we design for.

HS: Have you found it difficult not to have a safety net or accessibility to certain facilities you had during your time at University?

ELVHEM: We haven’t faced many struggles creating ELVHEM, our university has been very supportive throughout the process.

HS: Would you say services like hundred showroom are helpful for recent graduate fashion designers?

ELVHEM: Yes, definitely! The collection and show wouldn’t be possible without the amazing support of hundred showroom.

HS: What are your main influences when designing? Where are you drowning inspiration from?

ELVHEM: We draw our references from different points in culture, high and low references. It can be from vintage or art references to conversations with friends. It’s important to us to create a collection that represents us, as individuals, but that also embodies our core values as a brand. For this collection we took reference from a favourite artist of ours, Egon Schiele, but it was also important for us to still have a playful element running through.

HS: What are the future plans, dreams, and aspirations you have for your new brand ELVHEM?

ELVHEM: We’re looking forward to growing ELVHEM as a brand, while continuing to create collections that represent our values and interests. Ensuring that we build a positive work environment is also very important to us.