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Francesca .R. Palumbo is our team’s talented knitwear designer who creates intricate and detailed garments that follow the natural silhouette of the female body. Wanting to challenge the idea of fast-consumption within fashion she produces feminine designs which are sustainable and personal; using unique colour waves of yarn, she explores different textures and unrepeatable drapes.

Francesca R Palumbo’s latest collection “Pearls of Disparity” is a reaction to the inequality women face in today’s society, #metoo movement and freedom of choice. Looking at what it means to be female and how women are perceived, she widely explores femininity. A collection that visually represents a fragility but in essence takes bravery to wear with comfortable yet seductive pieces. Palumbo establishes designs that women can feel empowered in alongside pushing boundaries to take knitwear to new places.

Francesca’s key belief is to question, be a voice and challenge environmental and societal issues showcasing this throughout her collections. Her first collection “Beauty in Poison”, as beautiful and gentle as it might look, was pointing finger at petroleum industry, oil spills and how it harms marine ecosystem.

She creates designs that have a purpose and tell a story, hoping to raise awareness and start a conversation.