Manimekala is a brand based on a dream: beautiful fashion that empowers both the wearer and the makers. Manimekala creates unique, contemporary luxury fashion by combining design with a meaningful social mission. We work in partnership with social enterprises, making our products fairly and responsibly, empowering marginalised women, supporting them and their communities.

Bold and eclectic, our unique statement clothes are for those who want to stand out. We specialise in joyful, statement textiles. From original hand drawings and paintings, we use both traditional techniques and digital technologies, combining print and embroidery to create stunning effects. We also address sustainability through our “zero waste” approach, refashioning leftover materials into one-off pieces.

Manimekala connects people through fashion, telling the stories behind each unique piece. Manimekala wants to do more than make beautiful clothes; we want to transform lives.

Every dress has a story.

What’s yours?