Francesca.R.Palumbo is a knitwear designer who creates intricate and detailed knitwear that follows the natural form of the female body. She uses unique colour waves of yarn and explores textures and drapes. Which allows her to produce and design garments which are sustainable, personal, and challenge the idea of fast fashion.

Francesca graduated from Middlesex University in 2017 whilst completing this degree she interned at Julien Macdonald. After graduating she also interned at Mark Fast and was part of the final of Britain’s Top Designer 2018.

Throughout Francesca’s work, she reflects the environment and society we are living in. She believes it is important to question, raise awareness, be a voice and challenge issues in society whether it be environmental, political or social.

Francesca R Palumbo latest collection Pearls of Disparity is her reaction to the inequality women face in today’s society she explores femininity within this collection looking at what it means to be female and how women are perceived in society.