CHEMADIAZ.COM is the brand of CHEMA DIAZ, a London based creative who moved from Spain in 2012 and has since been developing his career as a Stylist, DJ, and Creative Director for several brands, artists and clients internationally. CHEMADIAZ.COM is the outlet of his sociological interest in pop culture, fashion, and erotica projected on his designs and the visuals accompanying them.

His infamous collection, 2007 is a tribute to an iconic year in pop culture, in which CHEMA DIAZ compares his personal journey in the last 10 years to the Rise & Fall of the 2007 Holy Trinity: Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, and Lindsay Lohan.

BANDIDO is the first runway show of CHEMA DIAZ. The collection draws inspiration from the most stereotypical Spanish traditions, such as bullfighting or flamenco. It pays tribute to the designer’s most beloved Spanish Icons. Jose Perez Ocana – a queer punk artist who mixed tradition and drag in 80s Spain, Cristina Ortiz Rodrigues “La Veneno” – a transgender Spanish vedette and generational icon, Manuela Trasobares – a transexual artist and politician, and Pedro Almodovar, one of the most recognized Spanish filmmakers. It also pays tribute to a new generation of Spanish talents such as La Zowi, Bad Gyal and Rosalia who have shaped a new sound and image for Spain worldwide, who have helped our youth to embrace our own culture for the first time.

Historically, Spanish symbols such as the Spanish flag, cultural events like flamenco or bullfighting, have been appropriated by the country’s conservative parties: those who are racist, homophobic and transphobic. The designer’s purpose is to reappropriate these symbols and give them a new meaning through a queer and erotic perspective. The designer also explores themes such as queer masculinity, hook-up culture and bullying.

These inspirations are expressed in the designer’s iconic motifs that embellish t-shirts, hoodies and jeans in rhinestones. A Spanish language masterclass is given through the prints. Bespoke PVC clothing mixes traditional Spanish elements mixed with BDSM and rave attire, and some of the designer’s iconic looks are reinterpreted and repurposed for this show.

CHEMADIAZ.COM does not follow a fashion calendar, only produces limited edition runs or concept collections, and every piece is designed, produced and hand-finished in London, to encourage sustainability and reject fast-fashion.